General Information


LITASCO was founded in 2000 in Switzerland as the international marketing and trading company of PJSC LUKOIL Oil, a non-state owned publicly listed company.

With head office in Geneva, LITASCO Group has established additional trading and business development offices worldwide, extending its reach around the world from the United States to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, managing LUKOIL's global crude oil and petroleum products supply, marketing and trading needs.

The LITASCO Group, with its global trading, shipping, refining and retail activities and worldwide presence, has in 2 decades, positioned itself as one of the world's major traders of crude oil and refined petroleum products, dealing with a vast range of suppliers and customers, including all of the world's major oil corporations.

In year 2021, the LITASCO Group traded over 89 million metric tons of crude oil and 82 million metric tons of petroleum products.

Third party trading activity represented over 60% of LITASCO's total transactions

As of the end of year 2021, LITASCO Group had affiliates in Kazakhstan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, as well as representative offices in Hong Kong, in Russia and in India.

2022 and Today

Over the past years, our Company and the energy industry have learned to navigate turbulent waters and to adapt to different crisis and challenges.

LITASCO SA has reorganized the commercial and legal composition of the LITASCO Group, in a new profitable business unit, focusing on European/American assets.

LITASCO Group continues to market non-Russian LUKOIL crude oil, operates and optimizes its refineries and retail network in Europe and trade non–Russian crude and petroleum products globally in full compliance with all existing and applicable regulatory requirements.

LITASCO SA in Switzerland as well as the LITASCO Group subsidiaries in Europe and US, are sustainably continuing their operations including shipping, in all countries and regions where they are present, committed to the Company’s primary mission of a reliable and compliant supplier of energy to consumers around the world.

The LITASCO Group has always shown a strong foundation and an entrepreneurial culture.

Through our commercial excellence and skills, we are servicing our valued customer and providing them with creative and profitable energy solutions.