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In view of upcoming restrictions on supply of oil from Russia to the countries of the European Union that enter into force on December 5, 2022, LITASCO SA

(a LUKOIL Group company), being the owner of the ISAB s.r.l. refinery located in Italy, informs that it is ready to ensure uninterrupted operation of the refinery, given the feedstock stored up for the coming months and future deliveries of non-Russian origin oil.

Since acquiring the refinery in 2008, its owner has been investing into its development on a regular basis. As a result, it currently is a profit-making enterprise, a technologically advanced facility, and a reliable partner for all its clients, suppliers and contractors.

For 14 years, the refinery has been consistently honouring its obligations towards over 10 thousand Italians who depend on its operation, as well as delivering on its commitments to Italian authorities pertaining to taxes, health, safety and environment protection.

LITASCO confirms its readiness to continue meaningful cooperation with Italian government in order to ensure normal operation of the facility.​

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