LITASCO's mission is to maximize the results and value of LUKOIL's crude oil production and refined petroleum product exports by trading, shipping, storing and hedging.

We manage to ensure flexible and reliable supplies to the international assets of the LUKOIL Group.

We fulfil our mission by taking a holistic view of our business from origination to the end user. In addition we build and implement strategies which under strict trading limits and controls allow us to capture the greatest value for our hydrocarbons in a constantly evolving market environment.

LITASCO, as a major participant in the oil trading market has implemented its own General Terms and Conditions (GT&C's).

The updated 2014 edition of LITASCO GT&C's, reflecting current trading practices, has been implemented on the market. It contains modifications and upgrades experienced by the company and the industry since 2007, when the first edition of LITASCO GT&C's was issued. 

  • General Terms and Conditions