LITASCO SA and its LITASCO Group affiliate Companies in EU and USA have today global trading, shipping, retail and refining activities.

LITASCO Group carries out its profitable commercial operations in over 20 countries, inter alia in Switzerland, the United States and Europe.

LITASCO Group is committed to its primary mission to ensure flexible and reliable supplies to its international assets and essentially, through its commercial excellence, provide with energy solutions to its clients and consumers around the world.

LITASCO, as a major participant in the oil trading market has implemented its own General Terms and Conditions (GT&C's).

The updated 2014 edition of LITASCO GT&C's, reflecting current trading practices, has been implemented on the market. It contains modifications and upgrades experienced by the company and the industry since 2007, when the first edition of LITASCO GT&C's was issued. 

  • General Terms and Conditions